Merchant API (mAPI) is an additional service that miners can offer to merchants. It enables merchants to get policy and fee quotes for submitting transactions, submit the transaction and query the transaction status.

mAPI Specification



Merchant API enables users to connect directly with nodes facilitating the offering of customized transaction settlements . By enabling users to be in charge of settling their transactions, businesses can better tune their transaction settlements to best match their business operations. Endpoints used are:

Get policy quote

A get policy quote is used to determine the policies of a specific miner.

Get fee quote

A get fee quote lets you discover the fees charged by a specific BSV miner to determine what fee you need to pay to have your transactions settled quickly.

Submit transaction

Submit Transaction is used to send a raw transaction to a miner for inclusion in the next block that the miner creates.

Query transaction status

By using query transaction status you can check the current status of a previously submitted transaction.

Submit multiple transactions

Submit multiple transactions is used for sending multiple raw transactions to a miner for inclusion in that miner’s next block.

Callback Notifications

Merchants can request callbacks for merkle proofs and/or double spend notifications in Submit transactions.

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